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Garagehouders en wederkerigheid

Geven is het nieuwe nemen. Oftewel wederkerigheid, een psychologisch beginsel dat Cialdini in zijn boek ‘Influence: The Pscychology of Persuasion’ omschrijft als 1 van de 6 verleidingsprincipes. Geef iets en een ander zal iets terug willen doen.  Als jij bij iemand gaat eten dan volgt toch vaak: ” de volgende keer bij mij!” Het principe intrigeert me. Vandaag stond…
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9 September, 2015 0

The new digital customer journey: Cross-channel, mobile, social, self-service, and engaged | ZDNet

See on – amd1510 The sheer proliferation of new online devices and digital consumer channels is pushing leading-edge companies to rethink how they connect with and engage their customers. See on

20 May, 2013 0

Bedrijf poetst QR-code weg – Emerce

See on – amd1510 Anne-Marie Delfgaauw‘s insight: QR code See on

5 February, 2013 0

Customer Experience – On Purpose | smith+co

See on – amd1510 Customer experience, by definition, reflects the impression consumers form as they interact with brands. Trends become apparent by the innovations that Anne-Marie Delfgaauw‘s insight: Door Shaun Smith van CEX in the city!  See on

15 December, 2012 0

Humor Me! Lighten Up B2B Marketing and Get Results | CustomerThink

See on – amd1510 Anne-Marie Delfgaauw‘s insight: If you read my blog or any article I’ve written, you know this is mission of mercy for me. As a marketer, storyteller and improviser, I have seen humor deliver results. Humor IS human and in a world of sameness, increasing noise and complexity (big data, anyone?!), humor has…
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12 December, 2012 0

SXSW 2010: Gary Vaynerchuk Presentation

Een ouwetje, maar dit zegt het wel! Must see! Knoop het in je oren! See on – amd1510 Gary Vaynerchuk is a SXSW Interactive veteran, and never disappoints. On Monday, March 15, Gary took the stage in Ballroom D of the Austin Convention Center…. See on

29 November, 2012 0