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Hoe kan je storytelling succesvol inzetten voor een klein bedrijf?

See on – amd1510 Ondernemingen, of ze nu groot of klein zijn, moeten opeens sociaal communiceren. Transparantie en service zijn de nieuwe manieren geworden om je te onderscheiden van de concurrentie. Waar bedrijven… Anne-Marie Delfgaauw‘s insight: Schorem en Barbier, goed voorbeeld van geslaagde storytelling See on

7 January, 2013 0

Nike takes social media in-house | News | Marketing Week

See on – amd1510 Sport brand takes social campaigns away from agencies to get closer to fans. Anne-Marie Delfgaauw‘s insight: Nike heeft alle social media marketing activiteiten ge-insourced See on

7 January, 2013 0

How To Tell A Good Story (infographic)

See on – amd1510 Anne-Marie Delfgaauw‘s insight: Mooie conclusie: vindt de kampvuurstoryteller binnen jouw bedrijf. Ieder bedrijf ongeacht welke branche kent goede verhalen. See on

2 January, 2013 0

International Film Festival Magazine met LAYAR

See on – amd1510 International Film Festival Magazine 2013, geproduceerd door Veenman+ is voorzien van LAYAR. Voor het eerst experimenteert IFFR met de toevoeging van een dig… Anne-Marie Delfgaauw‘s insight: Mooi voorbeeld van gebruik van layar in print See on

18 December, 2012 0

Customer Experience – On Purpose | smith+co

See on – amd1510 Customer experience, by definition, reflects the impression consumers form as they interact with brands. Trends become apparent by the innovations that Anne-Marie Delfgaauw‘s insight: Door Shaun Smith van CEX in the city!  See on

15 December, 2012 0

Infographic: Successful Strategies for Social Enticement – Marketing Technology Blog

See on – amd1510 We’ve written about ShortStack in the past and today they sent over a nice note with a helpful infographic. Can you guess the best way to motivate users to spur engage with your brand or business? You got it: contests! Anne-Marie Delfgaauw‘s insight: Dus toch winnen winnen winnen! See on…
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15 December, 2012 0

Meet The Karma Hotspot: A Business Model So Crazy It Just Might Work – Forbes

See on – amd1510 The Karma mobile hotspot rewards users who let others log on In trying to wrap my head around the Karma hotspot—a new prepaid 4G mobile hotspot service that relies on a novel model—I keep coming back to the (often post-Apocalyptic) sci-fi stories … Anne-Marie Delfgaauw‘s insight: Gaat Karma het redden?…
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13 December, 2012 0

Humor Me! Lighten Up B2B Marketing and Get Results | CustomerThink

See on – amd1510 Anne-Marie Delfgaauw‘s insight: If you read my blog or any article I’ve written, you know this is mission of mercy for me. As a marketer, storyteller and improviser, I have seen humor deliver results. Humor IS human and in a world of sameness, increasing noise and complexity (big data, anyone?!), humor has…
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12 December, 2012 0

Deepak Chopra – The Rabbit Hole – Are We Living in a Dream?

See on – amd1510 Are we living in a dream world? Deepak Chopra tackles this timeless question so fundamental to our understanding of reality. Anne-Marie Delfgaauw‘s insight: Wat is realiteit eigenlijk? See on

12 December, 2012 0

Landfill Harmonic teaser

See on – amd1510 Like us on Facebook, share this video and help us spread the word about these kids and their Recycled Orchestra. Please go to the link below to support the f… Anne-Marie Delfgaauw‘s insight: Juweeltje See on

11 December, 2012 0