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The Most Effective — And Least Effective — Ways To Measure A Brand’s Social Media Strategy

See on – amd1510 Marketers are relying less on social ROI. See on

26 January, 2014 0

Innovation Excellence | Infographic: 50 most innovative companies 2013

See on – amd1510 Infographic of Fast Company’s list of 2013 most innovative companies. Nick Skillicorn from Improvides analyses the trends highlighted in the list for what makes companies innovative. See on

2 January, 2014 0

Let’s Move Beyond The Content Marketing Hype | Common Sense

See on – amd1510 If one thing needs to happen in 2014, it’s that brands must get content right. Content is the lifeline into the digital ecosystem. It’s how we reach See on

30 December, 2013 0

[Infographic] 5 typetjes klagers » Door: Bissie –

See on – amd1510 5 Persona’s op een rijtje inclusief tips hoe te reageren op hun geklaag op social media. See on

27 December, 2013 0

New Insight – Weekends are better on twitter.

See on – amd1510 For many businesses using Twitter has become a staple in an effective marketing campaign. Engaging customers through tweeting daily tips, facts,… Anne-Marie Delfgaauw‘s insight: Het weekend rules voor twitter See on

23 December, 2013 0

Deze kankerpatiënten dachten dat ze een make-over gewonnen hadden. Maar ze kregen iets waardoor ze hun ziekte even konden vergeten

See on – amd1510 Stichting Mimi gaf twintig kankerpatiënten een aangename verrassing. Het deed hen geloven dat ze een leuke make-over gewonnen hadden maar dat bleek net iets anders te liggen. Ze namen namelijk deel aan het If Only For A Second project. See on

9 December, 2013 0

How to cure stage fright: The science behind public speaking

See on – amd1510 This post was originally published on the ooomf blog. Palms sweaty. Heart racing. You know the feeling. Whether it’s five people or 50, public speaking is a gut-wrenching … See on

9 December, 2013 0

Building the social enterprise | McKinsey & Company

See on – amd1510 By following a few simple principles, leaders can realize the vast potential of social technologies to engage employees and transform organizations. A McKinsey Quarterly article. See on

19 November, 2013 0

Re-Imagining Work — Technology is part of the problem

See on – amd1510 How can we get people more engaged, more productive, and happier at work? Is technology part of the problem — and could it also be part of the solution? See on

4 November, 2013 0

Welcome to the Webby Awards

See on – amd1510 Anne-Marie Delfgaauw‘s insight: Katten zijn zo 2012. Social media in the post-cat economy See on

23 October, 2013 0